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Open Technologies implements well-developed social networks built on scripts of OpenSource. 



Highly interactive data stream that can be commented, rated and passed on.

Every change of activity sends notifications to creators in real time.

Stream filtering - showing every action made by users or friends only.

Streams working within every user/group/event.

Profile management
Creating personal profiles by users.

Photo & video galleries.

Creating user groups.

Privacy management.

Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google.


Creating events and inviting your friends to them.

Sharing of pictures, videos, torrents, social arrangements, business ads.

Recommending interesting places on Google Maps

Rankings and toplists.

Mailing lists and newsletters.


Detailed statistics.

Powerful SEO - website easily available on Google search with no additional investing.

Unique appearance.

Functions adapted to your needs.

With our help, find out how your own idea may lead you to success!

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