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There are many companies on the market that offer website positioning with charge for effect. Howeever, not many of those are effective. Are we? Yes, but it depends on various factors. We undertake the positioning for websites that have real chances of reaching high positions - with high substantive and esthetic value; websites that were not incorrectly positioned before. How is your page doing? Contact us and find out yourself.

Positioning is a series of various improvements for promoting websites within search engines. The most popular search engine (at least in Poland) is Google that is used by 97% of polish internauts. As of now, a website without promoting seems like something almost impossible and positioning is still the most effective and cheapest way to promote a site. Search engines generate about 80% of movement on pages. However, the proportions keep changing all the time because of more and more popular social networks, trade forums and other forms of promoting.

Benefits that come from positioning:

Widened ability of acquiring new clients;
Presentation of company's offer adjusted for new clients;
Creation of company's positive image;
Multiple increase of products' internet sales;
Growing website's viewership;
Preceding the competition in the internet.

Basic things we do before and after signing an agreement:

Finding keywords describing a company the most;
Optimization of website's source code;
Access to phrase monitoring;
Constant control of results.

Positioning service is directed towards companies, internet shops, news bulletins, private blogs, discussion forums - pretty much anyone who wants to raise their website's viewership also resulting in increase of income from their internet service. Within our offer you'll find suitable conditions for collaboration regarding the positioning of your website within Google Search.