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Your company on Google Maps


As we all know, Google Maps appears in our lives often when we search for information locally. Also, a map with listed companies in Google usually appears on the very top. Thanks to that, clients usually visit the companies put on the map first.
Why is it worth to have a company put into Google Maps?

Your company will be visible from the very top without any need for additional positioning.
Possible clients will be able to access your website with a simple click on a map .
Locally, you will be more recognizable and there is a high chance more people might hear about your company.
You will also have a phone number put up along with your location. Many clients won't have time to search for long and might prefer to call fast instead.
If you have a main office, clients will know where to look for you and where to come. If you don't - you might as well meet up with them in different place - cafe for example.
Clients will know for sure that company exists and is functioning.
All of that gives a good form of additional advertisement.

We are taking care of putting various companies on Google Maps.
What you need for your company to be put on the map as well:

- Address of your company
- Phone number
- E-mail address
Additionally we can also put:
- Website address (if you don't have one - we can create it for you or just put up a homepage)
- Pictures of services, products, company
- Videos related to your company's activity
- Info regarding the work hours
- Any other additional information you might be interested in...

For free, we can also optimize your website:
Said optimization would include the improvement of main headers (h1, h2, h3), meta description, title,
alt, inside linking and fixing or removal of outgoing links.